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Title: Friends of Johnson Valley
Post by: Kandy on May 22, 2008, 09:39:02 am
Jen and I attended the first meeting of "Friends of Johnson Valley" last night.  This group is forming a coalition of ALL users of Johnson Valley to tackle the proposed military takeover of the area.  AMA D37 and bike organizations were in the definite minority last night. The majority of attendees were 4x4 clubs. The hope is to coalesce everyone who recreates in the area - racers (car, truck, bike), jeepers, rock crawlers, rock hounds, bird watchers, etc. to work together to fight the closure in a professional way. The push is on to also involve local businesses in the Lucerne area - military maneuvers will not bring additional money into the local economy - losing the weekend dollar is going to kill many Lucerne businesses.

The military is looking at areas east of Johnson Valley as well as North-East and we hope to convince them that with the population growth in Apple/Lucerne Valleys, this area is not feasible for military operations and heading East/N/E would be. If their plan to acquire Johnson Valley goes through, they will be using the areas for maneuvers in 2015.  Think back to Y2K - doesn't really seem that long ago.  6.5 years will fly by and our biggest race area will be gone.  We will keep everyone posted as this new group takes shape and will let you know how you can help to keep Johnson Valley open. 
Title: Re: Friends of Johnson Valley
Post by: Donn Nay on May 22, 2008, 09:55:07 am
Thanks Kandy and Jenn for attending on our behalf and keeping us posted. I'm sure D37 will be more involved as things progress. Was there a Sports Committee rep there? If not and you have any additional information I can bring it up at the next meeting on 6/5.

All you folks up there in the high desert should try to get involved in this, they meet in Barstow as of right now.

Sorry, just read Jenn's post on the D37 board and see this one was in Colton, somewhat closer but still a ways out there. Let us know when and where the next meeting will be please.
Title: Re: Friends of Johnson Valley
Post by: Kandy on May 22, 2008, 10:20:37 am
Hey Donn - Last night was the organizational meeting of Friends of Johnson Valley.  The hi-desert one currently in place is Friends of Stoddard Valley - this is the one Max belongs to.  We definitely all resident of the Hi Dez involved - Johnson Valley is one of the few open riding areas left.