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Title: May 09 Comp Minutes
Post by: Kandy on June 04, 2009, 10:40:04 am
District 37 Competition Committee
Meeting for May 14, 2009

I.   Meeting called to order by Richie Wohlers, District Referee

II.   Attendance taken by Jannean Sapp. Stewards present are: Ryan Wilson, Heather Gongora Keith DeJongh, Chris Asquith, and Kelly Phelan.
Special Guests: Bill and Lori Bateman, Joe Bianchi, Jerry Grabow, and Julie Angell.
III.   Discussions:
1.   Fliers to be reviewed:
a.   Prairie Dogs Night Race:
i.   Change entry fee from $100 to $95.
ii.   Add start format.
iii.   Add D37 web address
iv.   Add ?Pays desert points?.
v.   Add verbiage ?Class determined by engine size?.
b.   Viewfinders GP & Classic Scrambles
i.   Approved as is

2.   Viewfinders Special Request
a.   A special request was made to slightly modify the Viewfinders GP schedule to help accommodate the addition of Classic Scrambles for Sunday.
i.   There was some discussion about the safety concerns that were addressed and it was agreed to approve their request.
3.   Pit Speed Enforcement
a.   There was a brief discussion about how to better enforce the pit speeding.

4.   Meeting adjourned 9:00 pm