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Title: Checkers/Meeting report
Post by: Dave Springer on June 05, 2016, 07:55:56 am
IT WAS HOT!!  There, I got that out the way.  But hey, it was only 100 and forecast was for 105+ so we said "could be worse" a lot.  Checkers put on a great race with an interesting format....2 separate courses which split the red and black number racers.  Timed race with multiple laps similar to a Euro Scramble.  We had 4 racers on the board, Sage Vincent, Brent and Bryan McCauley (new members), and Pat Ellis (guest).  Sage got the overall on the black number course, so huge congratulations on that.  All finished, not sure of positions yet, but well done to them for completing a tough race in challenging conditions.  Pit was provided by new members Lance Johnson and Chris McCualey, with Lance stepping it up by feeding and hydrating all of us.  Following the race a club meeting was held.  Those in attendance were myself, Rick Hudachek (Hudy), Charlie Barney, Flat Tire, Darrell Moore, Bryan Anderson, Sage and Mark Vincent, the McCauleys and Lance Johnson.  Guest Pat Ellis and Rick Rodriquez also sat it.  Hudy (El Presidente) called the meeting to order and reviewed old business.  This was mainly items related to our upcoming GP, who is doing what to prepare, and once more stating the importance of all members and family/friends being there race weekend.  Then on to new business, which was the introduction of prospective members Lance Johnson and Chris (the Dad), Brent and Bryan (the boys) McCauley.  Following the super secret and almost cult-like voting process, AND after determing that they had brought their check books, we welcomed our newest members.  Lance and the McCauleys are geat additions to the club, so welcome to our merry band of crazies.  With that the formal meeting was adjourned, and the bench racing commenced.  Congratulations again to Sage Vincent for his overall in the face of tough conditions.  The kid is an animal.  If anyone remembers something important that I left out, please feel free to reply.
Title: Re: Checkers/Meeting report
Post by: Donn Nay on June 06, 2016, 07:42:43 am
thanks for the update Dave and welcome to the club, look forward to meeting our new members.
Title: Re: Checkers/Meeting report
Post by: Big Daddy Golden Rod on June 09, 2016, 08:36:20 pm
New members? Awesome, Makes me want to come and check them out. Good job guys.