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Title: 4 aces
Post by: lance johnson on February 25, 2017, 06:26:17 am

Wish I could be there. Go VIEWFINDERS!!!!!!
Title: Re: 4 aces
Post by: Donn Nay on February 27, 2017, 06:50:52 am
We were thinking about you Lance while Tom was handing out jerseys, you're going to like them I think.

Was a GREAT weekend. Kids races on Saturday were good, peewee race took forever with small turnout but the bigger kids races a 5+ mile course and were hauling ass. Degan's race went well, think he finished fourth or fifth but he was riding very well. SO PROUD of him and he was whooped at the finish.

Had SX up on the big screen Saturday night, warmed by my new to me smudge pot after some hilarious attempts at siphoning diesel fuel out of trucks.

We had 15 members enter the race! I'll get the full list up and I'll let CB fill in the details as pit capt. but all went well, no major crashes, no retrievals, all finished.

Kudos to Four Aces for a very fun weekend and nice weather.

I'll elaborate, finally pulled the pit list out of the trialer

We had 15 racers, about 1/2 were two loopers:
(some names were hard to read, need new pencils/pens in the pit board box)
Jason Piper
Steve Davis
Nils Davis
Kevin Bartley
Max Eddy
Sage Vincent
Keith Jones
Ashlee LaCharite
Pete Medina
Tim Nowak
Joey ______
Donn Nay
Tony Kennedy
Chayton or Clayton

Pits were handled by:
Charlie Barney/Chris Cory captains
Kyle Rag Boy Nay
Kari Nay
Dee Jenkins
Tom McDonald
Steve Vachon

James Jenkins
Trenton McAllister (James' cousin)
Marlene Piper

I believe Nils was second in class, I was first, don't know how others finished.
Title: Re: 4 aces
Post by: Keith Jones - VP on February 27, 2017, 12:57:36 pm
Been awhile since I have participated in an event. Enjoyed getting to see everyone on an awesome 'weather' and great 'riding conditions' weekend. Nice camp size group. LB also got to catch up on playtime w/ her canine friends she has not seen since the GP. Loop 1 laid out by the 4 Aces was very enjoyable. Keith
Title: Re: 4 aces
Post by: Dave Springer on February 27, 2017, 05:18:04 pm
Sounds like an all around great weekend in the dez.  So bummed I had to miss it, but I think the rest of the spring time races are gonna be awesome.  Even if it gets dusty at least you can look at the wild flowers along the trail.  The little yellow ones provide especially good traction in my opinion, although the purple ones are ok in pinch : )  Just kidding.