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Title: Jackrabbits MC 1/13/07
Post by: Ms Jenn on January 22, 2008, 03:40:15 pm
The Viewfinders had a total of 16 members signed up on the pit board for the kick off of the 2008 race season!

The Experts for the race consisted of 3 Magnum racers.. Where are the young guns at? Charlie Barney (M62), Mike Hastings (M2x), Keith Jones (M5x).

Matt Nay (61x) Out with a fouled plug and a slap on 'da azz, Pete Medina (M173), Michael Hastings (7c), Mr. Huntzinger (M80), Brian MacKenzie (V10), Brian Jones (V57).

Kyle "Rag Splattin'" Nay (26c), Jim Acford (M105), Jeromy Frakes (V296), Jason Piper (V343), John Gable (063).

Nice to see some up and comers on the pit board!
... Johnathan Gamaunt (C112), and Ross Rickard (257x).

As far as I know, nothing detrimental happened to any and all were accounted for! Looks like '08 should be a great year! Don't forget the Desert MC National Hare & Hound is quickly approaching - 1/27/08!! Looking forward to seeing all of you out there!~