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July 24, 2024, 03:22:09 am

--VCMC Presents ISDE Qualifier Championship Jan 28-29 Gorman--Club play day, fun for all at Jenkins land February 18 & 19th--   Adventure Riders Anza Borrego Desert Dash February 25-26 Julian, CA -- Time to ride!!!

Lets Ride!!!!
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« : December 30, 2008, 09:07:52 am »

February, 2001:

4 Aces Racin?
Sent 2/19/01

Hey Viewies!  Lots of good stuff happened at 4 Aces Dual Euro Scrambles last weekend.  Due to the flue, I was out of action a few days last week ? so sorry this is so late.  Red Mtn was the site for the 4 Aces Annual moose Run.  Let?s see, it was cold, then colder, then wet, then even colder!  Besides that ? the course conditions were once again AWESOME!  A few of us managed to trek out Friday night. We had lots of good race action between members and friends both days.

Course ?A? was described as ?16 miles of fast course with a really fast sand wash section. There were a couple of hills thrown in with one good rutted out downhill.  The Course rounded out with a few miles of single track and Bart-Man sand whoops.?  Overall this course received good reviews. Course ?B? was ?Flat, boring, Flat, boring.? Due to the BLM closure of the Spangler Hills to all race action, the 4 Aces had to redesign this course at the last minute.  Unfortunately, they blindfolded someone and had him run through the desert and tie ribbon ? this course was 14 miles of junk.  Ahhhh?.. now the good stuff!  We had plenty of racin goin on! It was hard to see everyone you wanted to since both courses were runnin both days?. But here are some highlights!

John T. and Norm fought it out in the Sr. Novice class and swapped finishes over each other on alternating days. Fun stuff! I don?t think we could have screamed any louder for Deanne!  It was great to see her back in action out there!  The Sr Exp/Amt race had Keith, Rich Jansen, Julian and Don Brand knockin it around. The Vet race saw the Great Bart-owsky, Mike Garvin and John Gable bangin bars.  Todd and Jeff were?. No scratch that? Jeff was bangin it out with himself.  Todd had a couple of good finishes?.Jeff just banged himself up.  On Sunday, we had Jeff, Todd and Shaw Bolding going at it on Course B and Albert and Jeremy neck and neck into the first loop on Course A.  Unfortunately, Jeremy tangled with a nasty rock and finished behind Mr. Spanky with no front fender.  Mat Henderson raced this one too, and had a great finish in the 125 class.

We had a great time racing from course to court and catchin all the action.  The last race of Saturday had albert on Course B; Jeff and Todd lined up on Course A.  We were at Course ! ? but I?m sure Albert had the same experience:  Everyone was all lined up and it started to rain.  Luckily, John, Bart and I were watching the start from inside of our truck, a lil music on, a lot of heat on!  The rain got a little harder, the wind decided to join in and then it started to hail.  Then it really started to hail.  The racers on the line were starting to say their ?Hail? Mary?s because there was no end in sight and they weren?t going to start the race until it died down.  Jeff wound up mugging us for a windbreaker and Todd borrowed John?s jacket.  There poor guys were frozen to their bikes. 

The best action came on Sat afternoon at the Kid?s race.  It was trying to snow, but the lil guys were so fun to watch - you just had to stay!  We had Shane and Nick Garvin battling it out on one line. Saydge Walker had a great finish on the 2nd line and Deanne?s son Brian kicked Azz in the last race!  *High-Fives* to all these guys for giving us the best action of the day!  My unofficial memory had 18 Viewies kickin up dirt on Sat and 17 on Sunday:

Saturday            Sunday
Deanne            Deanne
Sarah               Sarah
Julian               Roger
Roger               John T
Norm               Norm
John T               Keith
Keith               Don Brand
Don B               John G
Hutch               Ron Shuler
Bart               Albert
Ron Shuler            Jeff
John Gable            Todd
Mike Moore            Rich J
Allen               Shawn Bolding
Alberto            Jeremy H
Todd               Matt H
Jeff               Julian
Rich Jansen

Kandy Thornton

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« #1 : December 30, 2008, 10:05:43 am »

Subject:  Checker?s Challenge!
Date:  Mon, 26 Feb, 2001 21:2:55-0800

Hey Viewies!  If you stayed home to bench race this weekend, it was probably a good idea!  The Checkers put on what will probably be the most challenging start/first loop D-37 has seen on some time.  It started out good enough with the Lemans style start. Well? the spectators enjoyed the start anyways.  Try sprinting in your boots and you?ll see what I mean!  It was an awesome sight to see the banner up and that huge row of bikes standing there all by themselves and the riders in the starting blocks getting ready for the sprint.  They had a 2 row start- Ex/Amt and Nov/Beg ? no quads which should have alerted everyone this was gonna be a tough one!  The first line went off smooth enough and Ron Shuler got the holeshot!  The first 4 Experts made it over the first hill off the bomb? everyone else lined the hillside like a battlefield?. Bodies and bikes everywhere! Hard charging infantry men and retreating infantry men? these guys were shell shocked!  The 2nd line was ready to go off? the banner was up... and then? clank? clank? clank... the sound of plastic and metal going down in a domino effect.  About 10 bikes went down?. And it was totally quiet... no-one knew what to do ? too funny!  The riders ran to prop them up and the banner people just kind of folded the banner in? the race finally started a few minutes later.  This was about a 3 minute banner wait!  Same carnage on the first hill? Earl Shuler said he had to leave his spectator spot because it was just too ugly to watch!

The course actually got worse after that!  3 miles of bulldog, rush-hour downhill into some nasty rutted out baby power silt for another 5 miles!  Woo-Hoo? the racing was over? this was gonna be a trail ride!  After approx. 10 miles, the course actually started to feel like a race.  The trail went through Cougar Buttes by Anderson Dry Lake, via the sand wash, then back to the Rock-Pile into the pits.  The 2nd loop started with a pissy little rock section right next to the rock pile, then ran north across the valley to Melville Dry Lake Bed into some deep sand whoops (as in Glamis style) and up a couple of sand dunes!  This was getting fun!  Then the rain started? and the rocky downhills commenced once again. This was where you got off and kicked your bike off the waterfall into the next waterfall.  The course went down a really long, rocky downhill section, back across the valley and back into the Rock-Pile.  The course was extremely choppy.  Every rider that came through the finish looked wet, beat and glad they survived!

We had a decent turn out, despite the WORCS series and Soboba running the same weekend:

Ron Shuler ? Lead the race until he got lost.  I think he was 3rd overall.  Not too shabby Ron!
Lon Brand ? Lousy start and then the bike broke down.  Thanks to Hutch for picking Lon and the bike up out on the Course!
Don Brand ? Actually said the race wasn?t too bad?
Keith Jones ? Looked like Batman in his rain gear by Hefty!  We were going to make him wear a sign out there that said, ?Will Race for Food!?  I think the Gasser was regretting his decision to let this be the first H&H he?s ridden since November!
John Gable ? Good in class finish I believe!
Bart-Man ? 4th Place finish at the WORCS Series in AZ on Saturday.  Bart made it out to Lucerne early Sunday to ride this one.  After racing into the pits and dropping his drawers to see if he could claim his leg needed to be amputated so he could pack it in, he found it was only a serious bruised knee!  Not enough by Viewie pit standards ? so we told him to get his azz back on the bike!  He collected his pit kisses and started out for Loop 2 where he collected some bruised ribs and an elbow to match his knee!
Travis Livingston ? Leading the Amt pack until he snapped his shifter off. Came roaring into the pits stuck in 5th gear ? tough luck on this one!
Shawn Bolding ? Had a good ride!  Always good to see Shawn out in the dez where he belongs!
John T ? He battled back and caught Norm on the 2nd loop in a nasty rock section. (the longer legs paid off!) Norm got him back and these 2 finished back to back again.
Norm Takaki ? good ride and we got to meet his very nice Mrs!  Bonnie ? come back when the weather is nicer so we can actually carry on a conversation without our teeth chattering!
Matt Henderson ? Unofficial 2nd in class finish!  Way to go Matt!  We can?t even call you Crash on this one!
Prospective Member ? John S. - Lost his front brake and this course was just too tough to not have one.  He had to pack it in on the TTR 125.
2 guest riders ? Saunders ? both finished.  If someone brought these 2 to the Club ? let?s get then some Club info!

I know this is long, but I have to give huge props to Clark Gable! He signed up to run his first ever official non-kids D37 race!  The Lemans start didn?t even phase him!  He was a little nervous on the line, but sucked it up and had a great start!  We are talking about a 12 year old on an 80 here folks!  We were beginning to get worried in the pits because we hadn?t heard from him and we kept hearing from riders how tough the course was.  We found out he had crashed out by Anderson Dry Lake and had hurt his leg ? not seriously.  His Dad and Hutch headed out to pick him up.  Van, Scott, Bart, us and Norm were still left in camp and we were getting worried because we hadn?t heard from Hutch, John or Clark!  Just when we were getting really worried, Clark came riding into camp!  He said he didn?t think anyone was coming, so he decided to tough it out and finish the race!  He went to the pits ?  no one was there or at the 1 loop finish!  We finally reached Hutch and John on the cell phone to let them know he was ok.  Clark ? I know your Dad is busting with it, but I want you to know that every one of us that were in camp is extremely proud of you!  Huge *HIGH-FIVES* on your First Race Finish!

John, G, Clark, Van, Scott, Hutch, Bart-Man and the Thorntons decided to hit Lettie?s Restaurant in Lucerne for some huge amounts of grub! Cold beer and Mexican food were the perfect ending for this day!  We didn?t even care if the pass closed down!  Luckily ? it didn?t!  Thanx to this weekend?s pit crew:  Julian Gamount, John Hutcherson, Van and Scott Isaacson!  Great job guys!

That?s it!  Good luck to everyone riding the GP this weekend.  We have ?obligations? and can?t make it. We?ll see everyone out at HBMC for the Euro/Dez Scrambles.  Looks like we?re going out Early Friday for some playriding and to make a long weekend of it!  Come on out and join us if you can!


Kandy Thornton
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« #2 : January 08, 2009, 06:52:01 am »

Very cool I like it.

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« #3 : January 13, 2009, 06:03:32 pm »

I have some race reports from the mid-80's, however I don't know if they can be scanned then put on the board.  Most of the club members are not currently active, but either way it good reading.
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« #4 : January 13, 2009, 06:07:22 pm »

I have some race reports from the mid-80's, however I don't know if they can be scanned then put on the board.  Most of the club members are not currently active, but either way it good reading.

If you can scan them, just email them to me and I can do the rest if you want.

Chris Cory
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