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--VCMC Presents ISDE Qualifier Championship Jan 28-29 Gorman--Club play day, fun for all at Jenkins land February 18 & 19th--   Adventure Riders Anza Borrego Desert Dash February 25-26 Julian, CA -- Time to ride!!!

Lets Ride!!!!
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« : January 06, 2009, 11:07:47 am »

District 37 Competition Committee
Meeting for December 11, 2008

I.   Meeting called to order by Richie Wohlers, District Referee

II.   Attendance taken by Jannean Sapp. Stewards present are: Ryan Wilson, Keith DeJongh, Kelly Phelan, Dan Barnett and Devon Rich.    
Special Guests: Bill and Lori Bateman, Jerry Grabow, Heather Gongora, Dave Oakleaf, Joe Bianchi, Ryan Kudla, Nevin (from Sled Riders), Kevin (from Sled Riders), Greg Seda, Dean Lourenco and Julie Angel.
III.   Discussions:
1.   Fliers to be reviewed:
a.   Rovers MC:
i.   Add ?Red/Green sicker & out of state permit verbiage?.
ii.   Remove ?101 dcb verbiage?
iii.   Add ?Sound test requirements?
b.   Four Aces MC:
i.   Add date of event

2.   Sled Riders Sound Testing
a.   It was brought the committees attention that Sled Riders did not perform sound testing at their event held on November 8-9th.
b.   It was duly noted that riders were informed that there was no sound testing on any of the days of the event (Friday ? Sunday) due to ?windy? conditions even though it was only windy on Sunday.
c.   It was also brought-up that one of the District rider representatives is a member of the club.
d.   Richie notified the club representatives present that they should have conducted sound testing on both Friday and Saturday.
e.   Both Nevin & Kevin (the club representatives present) in defense, state that the riders were required complete sound cards and they were collected by the sign-up crew.
f.   After a brief discussion, the committee agreed to following penalty for Sled Riders:
i.   $50 fine payable now.
ii.   $1.00 per rider fine suspended for one year as long as the club complies with sound testing for their 2009 event.
3.   GP Youth Riders & Mini Class Rule
a.   There was an issue discussed with armature riders going back and forth from riding the 125cc class to the ?Youth? division.
b.   A possible rule change was requested but upon further evaluation of the AMA rules, there is no rule forbidding a rider to change back and forth as long as they meet the age and cc requirements.
c.   It was agreed that as long as the individual meets the age & bike requirements, they should be allowed to switch back and forth between divisions/classes.
d.   After some further discussion in relation to the mini classes, Richie made a request of the committee to eliminate the rule regarding mini?s located on page 41, Article 15, Section 1.
e.   A vote was taken, and unanimously passed in favor of allowing the elimination of the rule.
4.   Senior Women?s Class
a.   Bill Bateman discussed with the committee some concerns that were expressed to him in regards to how the Senior Women?s Class addition was passed.
b.   A brief discussion and explanation of the process of how it was passed clarified the concerns he had.
c.   Richie discussed the rules of the new class and it was agreed that it should be structured the same as the regular Women?s class and be designated with the letter ?F?.
d.   A vote was taken, and unanimously passed in favor of the class structure & rules as presented.
5.   Desert Letter Changes
a.   Dean Lourenco presented his concerns and arguments against any changes to the desert numbering system.
b.   The proposed change would apply to the following classes:
i.   Hwt. ? ?H?
ii.   Mag. 250 ? ?J?
iii.   Vet. 250 ? ?G?
iv.   Sen. 250 ? ?S?
v.   Sen. Hwt. ??O?
vi.   Mini?s ? ?K?
vii.   Legends ? ?L?
viii.   Sen. Women ? ?F?
ix.   LWT I ? Large ?C?
x.   LWT II ? Large ?X?
xi.   Quad ? Large ?T?
c.   The changes are proposed for scoring purposes to better assist with more accurate results and speed-up the scoring process.
d.   The change was proposed due to the addition of three new classes to the district and difficulties with check workers not being able to correctly record rider numbers due to the ?x?? and ?c? added to the rider numbers.
e.   After some discussion it was requested as a proposal to wait an additional year before implementing the changes.
f.   In addition to the postponement, it was also proposed that the following changes be made to the following classes numbers:
i.   Senior Women ? ?F?
ii.   Legends ? ?L?
iii.   Minis ? ?K?
iv.   Overall Class ? ?H?
v.   Both Lwt. Classes to have the option of the large or small C?s & X?s.
vi.   All the Hwt.?s & Lwt. 250 classes are to remain the same.
vii.   All the GP & Enduro Divisions are going to change over to the above requested lettering system.
g.   A vote was taken, and unanimously passed in favor of the numbering system change.

6.   Meeting adjourned 10:35 pm

Kandy Thornton
Max Eddy

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« #1 : January 06, 2009, 05:35:26 pm »

I Have a Problem with the District changing Desert # system. ALL of item "5". Max Eddy

Jim McGrath

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« #2 : January 06, 2009, 07:34:06 pm »

I Have a Problem with the District changing Desert # system. ALL of item "5". Max Eddy

I hear you Max, I like it the way is was in the "Good Old Days".   Bring back the "T" for the trail bike class.
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