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--VCMC Presents ISDE Qualifier Championship Jan 28-29 Gorman--Club play day, fun for all at Jenkins land February 18 & 19th--   Adventure Riders Anza Borrego Desert Dash February 25-26 Julian, CA -- Time to ride!!!

Lets Ride!!!!
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Here ya go:

District 37 Off-Road Committee
Meeting for February 5, 2009

I   Meeting called to order by Jerry Grabow, President
   A. Additions to Agenda
      a. Anthony Modica
b. Credit Card Machine
c. Race Fee Increase
d. G.P. Orphans      
II   Attendance and minutes taken by Jannean Sapp, District 37 Secretary
III   Review and Approval of Minutes
A.   Approved as is.

IV.   Old Business

A.   District Numbers
a.   A presentation and subsequent discussion was made by Chad Horton in regards to a requested rule change about the Desert Division numbering system.
b.   The rule was proposed by Ryan Sanders, seconded by Jeff Eiler
c.   The proposed rule reads as follows:
i.   "Active divisions shall be amended to include their official designations (letters) as of the 2009 competition year. Divisions and their official designations (letters) cannot be altered or molested once the division and its designation have been established and as long as the division remains active. An "active" division shall be defined as any division which has entrants within any 60 month span. Any division that has not had entrants within 60 months can be "retired" at the discretion of the Competition Committee and its designation reclassified. New age, displacement, skill and/or "points" divisions, if so established, must not interfere with or adversely affect any active division or designation."

d.   This was the second reading; final voting will take place at the March Off-road meeting.
B.   Ecologic
a.   Lark Canyon Windmills (located in San Diego County) planning project in preliminary planning stages.
b.   Ecologic is looking into hiring a military expert in regards to the Johnson Valley expansion project.
c.   The Green sticker funds have been transferred over to the state general fund to help fix the budget deficit. It has been promised to be repaid in payments.
d.   It was brought up for discussion about partnering with ORBA for use of their lobbyist and discontinue the use of Pete?s services.
i.   We would start to possibly use the services of Terry McHale.
ii.   It will save us about $6000 a year.
iii.   After some discussion, a proposal was made to look into changing lobbyist.
e.   CLOV lobby days will be April 27th ? 28th at the Holiday Inn on ?J? street in Sacramento.
C.   USMC Proposed Marine Base Expansion
a.   No new information or discussion at this time.
D.   Land Trust/Grants Committee
a.   No new information or discussion at this time.

VI   New Business
A.   Sportsman and Sportswoman Voting
a.   Ballots were distributed and collected to take a tally for the Sportsman and Sportswoman nominations. Winners to be announced at the banquet in February.
B.   Aflac Presentation
a.   A presentation was made by two representatives from Aflac in regards to accident insurance
i.   They distributed and discussed the two plans to the club representatives the two plans available for racers.
ii.   Announced that they have a dedicated website just to people interested in the plans. (Web address to follow later)
C.   Husky Memorial
a.   Due to the theft of some of the plaques, more in particular Norm Stewart?s, at the Husky Memorial, Dave Oakleaf proposed a motion, seconded by Jim Geddes that read as follows, ?Motion to update Norm Stewart?s plaque at the Huskey Mounument at a cost of $300-$500 as necessary.?
i.   22 ?yes? votes, 1 ?no? vote.
ii.   Motion passes
D.   Race Fee Increase
a.   A point of topic for discussion was brought-up on how to pay for the new ?Moto Tally? program and it was suggested that we raise the race entry fees by one dollar to cover the cost.
i.   After some subsequent discussion a better proposal  and motion was created by Jim Geddes, seconded by Don Hudleston that read as follows: ?For clubs using Moto Tally to pay to the District 37 one dollar to the ambulance fund and one dollar to the general fund to cover the cost of the scoring program. Those who do not use Moto Tally are to pay the two dollars.?
ii.   Motion voted on: 22 ?yes? votes, 1 ?no? votes.
iii.   Motion passes.
E.   Credit Card Machine.
a.   Discussion on this topic was postponed until the March meeting.
F.   Anthony Modica
a.   Due to Anthony being injured at a non D37 event, he doesn?t qualify for the RHR fund donation and he was sent home early from rehab because his insurance has run out.
b.   A discussion and motion was proposed by Kelly Phelan, seconded by Janine Kohls that read as follows, ?I propose that District 37 make a $5000 donation to Anthony Modica to assist with rehab with funding from the general fund.
i.   Motion voted on: 8 ?yes? votes, 15 ?no? votes.
ii.   Motion fails
c.   As requested, the minutes are to reflect that this is nothing against Anthony, just a reflection of the rules.
G.   Big 6 Orphans
a.   A topic of discussion was brought-up on what to do with individuals that ride a GP race that they are not signed-up for.
b.   A possible option that was discussed was either banishment from riding D37 event and/or possible fines.
VII   Reports
A.   Congress: Jim Geddes, Dave Oakleaf, & Bill Howell
a.   No report.
B.   VP: Skip Earwood
a.   Skip announced that he still has race packages available.
C.   DLO: Karl Smith
a.   Karl met with the Barstow BLM about possible grant opportunities to possibly improve Johnson Valley.
b.   It was briefly discussed about what happened at the LA County OHV meeting.
i.   It was brought-up that 15% of the riders come from LA & Orange County.
ii.   No mention of a location for the park, it was just a brain storming on locations and why it?s needed.
D.   Referee:  Richie Wohlers
a.   Richie made the following announcements the following from the January Competition Committee Meeting:
i.   Risk management meeting was held in January.
ii.   A possible change in the European Scrambles race schedule was discussed.
b.   Dirt Diggers were requested to attend the Competition Committee Meeting next Thursday due to the shortened races from their event.
c.   A point of discussion for the next meeting that Richie brought-up was to possibly allow non-club members to get work points for working an event.

E.   BOD: Jim Geddes
a.   BOD meeting on Tuesday, February 10th, at Brea Orlinda High School.
F.   BLM: Al Guzman
a.   All announced that he needs the clubs to make sure that they send their $50 deposit with whoever picks-up the radios & equipment from him.
b.   He still needs $50 from Jackrabbits from their race in January.
c.   Al has purchased the new radios from Sampson
G.   Eco Logic: Jerry Grabow
a.   Previously discussed.
H.   Rider Reps: Ryan Sanders, Tim Wilson, John Gil, Mark Drake
a.    Ryan Saunders
i.   No report
b.   Janine Khols
i.   No report
c.   Greg Seda
i.   No report
d.   Mark Drake:
i.   No report
I.   Web Master: Jeff Owens
a.   Jeff announced that Sampson will now be supporting D37 instead of PCI for our radio communications.
J.   Newsletter: Julie Angell
a.   No report.
K.   Treasurer Report: Sandy Howell
a.   $5,000 was paid from the RHR fund for the rider that was injured at DMC and later passed away.
b.   Total liabilities and equity: $205,878.58
L.   Big 6: Dave Oakleaf
a.   It was announced by Dave Oakleaf that the Shamrocks are having their GP out at Primm, Nevada.

VII   Race Reviews
A.   None given
VIII   Announcements
A.   Four Aces National H&H ? 02/08/09
B.   Checkers H&H ? 02/22/09
C.   Prairie Dogs GP? 02/28-03/01/09
D.   Lobby Days ? 04/27-28/09
E.   Shamrocks GP -  05/02-03/09

VIIII   50/50 Raffle
A.   $30 was won at the 50/50 raffle.

Meeting adjourned 10:15 pm by Jerry Grabow

Kandy Thornton
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