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District 37 Off-Road Committee Meeting
December 3, 2009
1) Meeting called to order by Jerry Grabow, President.
a. Additions to agenda.
(i) DMC member riding DMC for national points (Chris Kallen).
(ii) Purchase 500 satellite phone minutes for 2010 for R3 (Kevin Shutt).
(iii) Notary business/minor release (Dick Christensen).
(iv) H&H series results program (Ryan Sanders).
(v) Ambulance fund (Richie Wohlers).
2) Attendance and minutes taken by Janine Kohls, Secretary.
3) Review and approval of 11/5/09 meeting minutes deferred until next meeting.
4) Reports:
a. Referee, Richie Wohlers
(i) Desert Daisies and Prospectors (GP) called to 12/10/09 Competition Committee
meeting regarding race protests.
(ii) At the 11/10/09 Competition Committee meeting the committee discussed and
approved changing the D37 on-site protest procedure so that if an on-site protest is
not found valid, the protest fee will be paid to D37 and not to the protested rider.
(iii) 1/14/10 Comp. Committee meeting will include a D37 risk management meeting.
Clubs with races scheduled between 1/1/2010 and 6/30/2010 must attend.
b. Treasurer, Sandy Howell [Waiting for copy of Sandy?s report.]
(i) [list Account Totals.]
c. Congress, Howell, Geddes, Oakleaf: Nothing to report.
d. Board of Directors, Jim Geddes: Next meeting will be February 2010.
e. Vice President, Skip Earwood: Has race packages for clubs with January races.
f. DLO, Karl Smith: Absent.
g. Rider Reps:
(i) Mark: Nothing to report.
(ii) Greg: Nothing to report.
(iii) Janine: Nothing to report.
h. Cycle News, Ryan Sanders: Nothing to report.
i. Rule Book, Richie Wohlers: New rulebooks will be available at 1/7/10 Off-Road
j. Big Six, Dave Oakleaf: Two people looking into taking over event scoring from Bill
k. Newsletter, Darren Moen: Newsletter needs more advertisers.
l. Website, Jeff Owens: Absent.
m. BLM, Al Guzman: D37 2010 event schedule is confirmed with the BLM.
5) Old Business.
a. Ecologic: Marines published 6th alternative proposal for Johnson Valley. More
information and maps are available on the D37 website. Alternative 6 includes taking
December 3, 2009
Page 2
approx. 50% of Johnson Valley and designating a ?shared use? area (near Boone Rd.); the
military would have sole use of that area 2 months of the year and the remainder of the
year the area would be designated as ?co-use? or ?shared lands.?
b. National Hare & Hound Series: Ryan Sanders reports there has been a lot of progress in
developing the infrastructure of the National H&H Series during the past 3 months. A
race announcer has been hired and a computer program for results is being developed.
c. Third Reading of New Standing Rule: Third reading of proposed revision to Section 5 of
the Standing Rules to eliminate the sentence ?No events will be sanctioned for Easter
Sunday.? Motion passed.
6) New business.
a. Cycle News Ad for No. 1 Plate Holder, Bill Howell: Bill Howell made a motion for D37
to allocate up to $2,500 to purchase a Cycle News ad to congratulate all 2009 No. 1 Plate
Holders. Motion seconded by Dave Oakleaf. Motion passed.
b. Chris Kallen made a motion for Trevor Watson, DMC member, to race the DMC National
race for national points only. Motion seconded by Bill Richardson. Motion passed.
c. Kevin Shutt made a motion for D37 to allocate up to $1,100 for the purchase of 500
satellite phone airtime minutes and an antenna/power supply kit for Rescue 3?s satellite
phone. Motion seconded by Donn Nay. Motion passed.
d. Dick Christensen briefly discussed his opinion regarding the new AMA minor release
form and requirements for notarization. Jerry Grabow will contact AMA and/or its
insurer to get a written copy of the new policy.
e. Ryan Sanders discussed the status of a results program being developed for use by the
National H&H Series (?NHHS?). The program is expected to be tested at the Jackrabbits
race in January and implemented for use in the 2010 NHHS. The program is also
expected to be available for D37 desert races beginning in 2011. Ryan Sanders made a
motion for D37 to allocate $3,500, payable half in January 2010 and half in June 2010, to
Chris Asquith for development of a program specific to the NHHS and D37 scoring
requirements. A discussion ensued including questions regarding ongoing technical
support for the program and ownership rights of the program. Heather Jewell seconded
the motion. Motion passed.
f. Richie Wohlers made a proposal to eliminate the post-event ambulance report. Instead of
clubs paying $2/rider to D37 and, in some cases, subsequently receiving a refund from
D37, clubs would keep the $2/rider fee and pay their own ambulance bills in full. After
discussion the proposal was withdrawn.
7) Race Reviews:
a. RHR: Al Guzman stated his opinion that using the start by class format in a desert race
increases the number of race-related injuries because racers are continually in dust and
visibility is poor.
8) Announcements:
a. Vikings GP ? 12/5-12/6 at Rynoland.
b. BRP Fun Ride and Rider Appreciation Event 12/12/09.
c. Lost Coyotes Dual Sport Ride 12/13/09.
9) Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Kandy Thornton
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