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--VCMC Presents ISDE Qualifier Championship Jan 28-29 Gorman--Club play day, fun for all at Jenkins land February 18 & 19th--   Adventure Riders Anza Borrego Desert Dash February 25-26 Julian, CA -- Time to ride!!!

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: April, 2008 D37 Minutes  ( 1698 )

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District 37 Off-Road Committee
Meeting for April 3, 2008

I   Meeting called to order by Jerry Grabow, President
   A. Additions to Agenda
      a. Vikings Club Members racing the National H&H
      b. Prairie Dogs Night Race fee increase
II   Attendance and minutes taken by Jannean Sapp, District 37 Secretary
III   Review and Approval of Minutes
A.   Approved

IV.   Old Business

A.   Ecologic
a.   Jerry Grabow gave an update to the off-road body in regards to the monthly billing from the attorney.
b.   According to the bill, we were slightly over the amount in February and under in March.
c.   Ecologic in working as a collective with FLP (Florida Light & Power) in regards to the windmills.
i.   Negotiations are going very well and FLP is working as a collective with all parties involved.
B.   Proposed Energy Site in Johnson Valley OHV
a.   FLP has agreed to work with us for access
b.   There are talks of a possible financial compensation or land given to us from FLP towards the off-road community.
c.   They are still about two years away from construction.
d.   The BLM can encourage FLP to move to other locations but they can?t stop them from installing the windmills.
e.   FLP is proposing that once the windmills are installed, there will be only a road big enough for a rhino to go through for maintenance purposes.
C.   Second Reading of Rule
a.   Dave Oakleaf ?s motion for a new rule addition concerning Competition Committee was read by Jannean.
b.   It read as follows: ?Since matters of a financial nature or that leave a financial impact were transferred from the jurisdiction of the Board of Directors to the Off-road Division, I?m making a motion that the addition or elimination of a riding class or division that has financial impacts (especially to the clubs) that a final vote will be taken at the Off-road Division meeting. The rules and regulations of the classes and/or divisions shall be developed by the Competition Committee.?
c.   This was the second reading of the newly revised rule.

VI   New Business
A.   Lobby Days
1.   Lobby Days are: 04/07/08.
2.   Talk to Jerry Grabow if you have any questions. Everyone is ?highly? encouraged to attend.
3.   Talking points will be about the proposed age & cc restrictions for quads and thanking them for the passing of AB742.
B.   RHR
1.   Due to the increase of claims being submitted for reimbursement from the RHR fund, Bill Howell brought-up as a topic of discussion that we recommend that riders carry the AMA armor insurance as a supplement.
2.   As it stands, there is a $5,000 cap per rider from the RHR fund and there currently are only enough funds in the account to pay-out for 8 riders.
3.   The AMA provides the supplement and additional transport insurance online at a discount to AMA members.
C.   Investments & Land Trusts
1.   Jerry Grabow brought-up investing a portion of our general fund as a topic of discussion.
2.   He discussed the possibility of taking the monies made from the investments to start purchasing land for us to ride on.
3.   The purchased land would then be donated to the BLM and allocated within a trust/escrow that the land is to be strictly used for off-highway use only.
4.   There is a large group of organizations that are coming together collectively to create land trusts.
5.   Jerry requested that the rider representatives discuss the topic with their clubs and bring back their responses to the May off- road meeting.
D.   Prairie Dogs Night Race
1.   Terry Remyn presented a motion, seconded by Bill Richardson that the fees be increased at the Prairie Dogs night race to $145-pro teams, $95-teams, and $75.00-ironman.
2.   Motion passed unanimously.
E.   Grant Opportunities
1.   Jim Geddes presented to the Off-road committee that Yamaha website states that we as a group can request grant money from Yamaha.
2.   He also mentioned that the opportunity to purchase land at a really good price at auctions. He and Dave Oakleaf attended an action where 160 acres sold for $46,000.00.
F.   Free Entries
1.   A brief discussion in reference to number one plate holders that switch classes and not getting free entries.
2.   A motion made by Dick Christensen and seconded by Doug Phelan reads as follows: ?A rider who earns a number one plate shall be entitled to one free competition card and one free race entry per meet in the following year. The rider must apply their free rides and card to only one license but that license may be in any division the rider chooses.?
3.   Motion passed.
G.   Vikings Club Members racing the National H&H
1.   Mark Drake made a request to allow four members from Vikings to race their National H&H for national points only. No district or work points would be awarded to the following individuals.
i.   Cody Carling
ii.   Morgan Crawford
iii.   Chris Gill
iv.   Jason Shatwell
2.   Motion made, and passed.
VII   Reports
A.   Congress: Bill Howell
a.   Bill discussed and reminded us to check online and see what medical insurance AMA offers us as a part of our AMA benefits.
B.   VP: Skip Earwood
a.   No report
C.   DLO: Dick Christensen
a.   Dick made the announcement in regards to the installation of windmills out at Granite Mountian.
D.   Referee:  Richie Wohlers
a.   Richie gave a report about the meeting involving DMC and United MC.
i.   Agreed that when races are scheduled back to back like the DMC and United MC races, the clubs must work together on course markings.
b.   The ?Youth B Class? was adjusted to include the 110 cc motorcycles.
c.   HBMC is taking over the 9/19-20/08 date to host a Dual Euro Scramble.
d.   100?s is hosting a night race on 07/26/08.
E.   BOD: Jim Geddes
a.   No report
F.   BLM: Al Guzman
a.   No report
G.   Eco Logic: Jerry Grabow
a.   Previously discussed.
H.   Rider Reps: Ryan Sanders, Tim Wilson, John Gil
a.    Ryan Saunders
i.   No report
b.   Tim Wilson
i.   No report
c.   John Gil
i.   No report
d.   Mark Drake:
i.   No report
I.   Web Master: Jeff Owens
a.   No report
J.   Newsletter: Julie Angell
a.   No Report
K.   Treasurer Report: Sandy Howell
a.   Total liabilities and equity: $244,869.14

VII   Race Reviews
A.   None given

VIII   Announcements
A.   Hilltoppers GP ? 04/05-06/08
B.   Rover Boner Run ? 04/13/08
a.   Bike raffle
b.   BBQ truck
C.   Dirt Diggers Desert Scrambles ? 04/20/08
D.   RHR themed poker run at Vikings
a.   1-4 pm on Saturday
E.   Vikings National H&H ? 04/27/08
F.   VCMC night race ? 07/16/08 @ Cougar Buttes.

VIIII   50/50 Raffle
A.   Doug Phelan won the 50/50 raffle

Meeting adjourned 9:25 pm by Jerry Grabow

Kandy Thornton

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« #1 : April 29, 2008, 03:51:11 pm »

Comp Committee Minutes:

District 37 Competition Committee
Meeting for April 10, 2008

I.   Meeting called to order by Richie Wohlers, District Referee

II.   Attendance taken by Jannean Sapp. Stewards present are: Ryan Wilson, Keith DeJongh, Kelly Phelan, Doug Phelan, Greg McGrath and Stacy Doerksen.    
Special Guests: Nick Able, Louie Romo, Ryan Kudla, Dave Beaumont, Julie Angell, and John Wiltschg,
III.   Discussions:
1.   Fliers to be reviewed:
a.   VCMC Night Race:
i.   Remove live engine start
ii.   Add the verbiage ?spark arresters required? and ?Classes determined by engine size?

2.   RUTS Race Start
a.   RUTS requested a change to their start to be a ?start by class? format.
b.   Start would be with a flag and not a banner. There wouldn?t be a ?bomb run?.
c.   They requested an option of a ?live engine? start but Richie requested that they do the ?dead engine? start for safety reasons.
d.   In addition to the start, the RUTS requested that they be allowed to combine some of the classes in order to get everyone off the start in a timely fashion. It was agreed with the following conditions:
i.   No beginners before novices, no novices before intermediates, and no intermediates before experts.
ii.   Combinations of classes must total lest than 25 people starting.
3.   Start by Class
a.   A discussion and a decision was made in regards to amending Article IV, Section 5, page 28 in reference to desert starts due to the addition ?start by class? format.
b.   The following rules were agreed on as follows for additions to the 2009 rulebook.
i.   No beginners before novices, no novices before intermediates, and no intermediates before experts.
ii.   Combinations of classes must total lest than 25 people starting.
iii.   Must be a dead engine start.
4.   Magnum ?C? Riders
a.   A topic of discussion was brought-up in regards to the ?Magnum C? riders due the inconsistency of the rules between the Desert and Enduro divisions.
b.   Currently the Enduro Division rules in Article IX, Section 3, item Q, page 37 reads, ?"C" 30+(Vet)s,40+(Sr)s, and 50+(Mag)s will ride the same distance as other "C" riders.?
c.   However in the Desert Division rules in Article XII, Section 4, page 42 reads, ?A 50+(Mag) Novice will go one loop and receive 70% of finish position points.?
d.   The change was requested that the Enduro Mag class rules and the Desert Mag class distance rules match.
e.   After a brief discussion it was voted on and agreed to change the rule so that the Enduro?Mag C? riders go only one loop at Enduros.
5.   Desert Transponders:
a.   Greg McGrath presented to the comp committee a low-cost proposal to help facilitate the implementation of transponders for the desert races.
b.   The transponders would be the same ones that we use in the GP?s
c.   A portable data logger could be custom made and operate on two ?D? cell batteries out on a check and at the finish. The data would be recorded onto a memory card as a text file that could be easily exported into any MS format.
d.   An initial program can be created and later modified to best suit our scoring needs.
e.   We would initially start with two units for the start and finish line to test-out the system.
f.   Rider representatives would be able to assist with the set-up and programming.
g.   The full proposal will be presented at the May Off-road committee meeting by Greg McGrath.

IV   Meeting adjourned 10:10 pm

Kandy Thornton
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