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Title: 2017 Race Schedule \ PIT Signups
Post by: Chris Cory - President 2012-14 -Life Memeber on January 06, 2017, 06:37:46 pm
Hey Viewfinders, it is time to sign up for your pit duties! Don't be left out and get your name on the list. Remember we need several people at each race needing pits to support our racers!

More info on the series here.

PIT CREW NOTES  (in addition to following the established club pit
rules & responsibilities)
1.   Afternoon before race, pick pit spot and mark with ribbon
      and Viewfinder signs. 
2.   Morning of race, set up Participant sign up sheet and collect rider gas
      cans/goggles etc. to take to pit.  Make sure racers know where
      you are on pit row.
3.   In addition to the dump cans/pit bags, make sure you have the
      following at the pits:
      Water for racers?A tool box?.towels/rags
4.   Pit Captain will assign pit responsibilities?..who will remove gas
      cap and hold throttle, hold towel between rider and gas cap, dump
      gas, give rider clean goggles and water.   
5.   Determine what order you think riders will arrive and pre-stage
      their gas/goggles.  As riders complete their pit,  go to the next
      riders on the list and so on down the list.
6.   Monitor the finish line for both 1 and 2 loop riders?.although the
      club policy is that no one leave until all riders are in, it is primarily
      the pit crews responsibility to account for all riders, and to arrange
      to get anyone hurt or broken down on the course. 
7.   Pit Captain is responsible for safety in the pit area.  Non-pit crew
      will be directed to remain out of the immediate are where racers
      are pulling in so the pit crew can do their job.
8.   At completion of race, note which club members were present and
      what pit duties they performed.
      (Make sure the sheets stay with the clipboard.)

9.  Members performing pit duties are responsible to sign the back of the
      pit sheet if they want to receive points for working the pits.

Title: Re: 2017 Race Schedule \ PIT Signups
Post by: Kyle "Rag Boy" Nay on January 08, 2017, 10:20:40 am
Well due to Degans baseball season coming up I won't exactly know what weekends are free yet. We are looking to hit a lot of the races this year and I am even trying to get some races down also. I will step up and take some pit captain duties whenever possible depending on scheduling.
Title: Re: 2017 Race Schedule \ PIT Signups
Post by: Dave Springer on January 08, 2017, 04:13:20 pm
Chris, please update to add Lance Johnson for 100s National in October.  Also please email and text me a copy of the spread sheet so I can forward.
Title: Re: 2017 Race Schedule \ PIT Signups
Post by: Russ & Deanna Jenkins on January 09, 2017, 09:09:56 pm

   Chris, put me down for sept 9 and 10