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Title: 2001 VCMC Gorman Qualifier
Post by: Dakar Dad on November 05, 2007, 09:30:11 pm
It was at the 2001 VCMC Gorman Qualifier. My two sons, Christopher and Nicholas and I were riding on a minute that was around two minutes ahead of Steve Hengeveld and I believe was his brother.
Chris had raced with Steve many times before this, and he was getting faster all the time riding so many desert races and enduros every weekend.
We had already started the race and at one point it was a longer section than most and Chris and Nick had already taken off before me and I am sure they were trying to catch and pass each other. Almost at the end of the section I could hear Steve coming up behind me and it was a few more corners and then he made his pass on me.
When I got to the check area those guys were already waiting for the clock to catch up. When I got there, Chris was only 10 - 15 feet in front of Steve. This had given me an idea, so when I got off my bike I said, HEY CHRIS, WHICH ONE OF THESE GUYS WAS IT I WAS SUPPOSE TO BLOCK?
You should have seen it when I looked back at Steve's face. Man I had him going until I went back and introduced myself as Chris and Nicks father.
It really was a Memorable Memory, Martin.