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Title: OHV License Plates!?
Post by: Ms Jenn on December 05, 2007, 10:31:51 am
Assemblyman Joel Anderson has a great idea: He thinks we should have Special Interest License Plates for off-roaders such as there are for veterans, environmentalists, etc. Thousands of these plates on the highways would help show the size and strength of the OHV community, and a portion of the cost of the plates would be returned to our program. Joel is willing to push this through the legislature, but he needs our help. We need 10,000 signatures on a petition. You can submit your name and address online by going to

As far as where the money from these plates would go? I have left a message with his Secretary and they are supposed to get back to me soon. She did indicate to me that he is very into offroad.. Mr. Nosala has indicated on another message board that the funds raised would go for Capitol Improvements and specifically states they will not be used for buffer zones, or restoration.

I personally want to get an official word answer before making my decision.