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--VCMC Presents ISDE Qualifier Championship Jan 28-29 Gorman--Club play day, fun for all at Jenkins land February 18 & 19th--   Adventure Riders Anza Borrego Desert Dash February 25-26 Julian, CA -- Time to ride!!!

Lets Ride!!!!
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District 37 Off-Road Committee
Meeting for March 5, 2009

I   Meeting called to order by Jerry Grabow, President
   A. Additions to Agenda
      a. RHR
b. Vikings
II   Attendance and minutes taken by Jannean Sapp, District 37 Secretary
III   Review and Approval of Minutes
A.   Approved as is.

IV.   Old Business

A.   District Numbers
a.   A final reading was done by Ken Hanson in regards to a requested rule change about the Desert Division numbering system.
b.   The rule was proposed by Ryan Sanders, seconded by Jeff Eiler
c.   The proposed rule reads as follows:
i.   "Active divisions shall be amended to include their official designations (letters) as of the 2009 competition year. Divisions and their official designations (letters) cannot be altered or molested once the division and its designation have been established and as long as the division remains active. An "active" division shall be defined as any division which has entrants within any 60 month span. Any division that has not had entrants within 60 months can be "retired" at the discretion of the Competition Committee and its designation reclassified. New age, displacement, skill and/or "points" divisions, if so established, must not interfere with or adversely affect any active division or designation."

d.   This was the final reading.
e.   A brief discussion was made about the proposed rule and a final vote was taken.
i.   8 ?yes? votes, 43 ?no? votes.
ii.   Motion and subsequent rule addition denied.
B.   Ecologic
a.   Jerry discussed with the Off-road body some of the current projects that Ecologic is currently working on
i.   A railroad access area for off-roading down in San Diego
b.   Jerry requested that due to Ecologic?s reduced priorities in D37 land issues, that we reduce our payments to Ecologic in half.
c.   The Green sticker funds have been transferred over to the state general fund to help fix the budget deficit. It has been promised to be repaid in payments.
i.   Vote was taken and it was approved by the body.
C.   National H&H Series
a.   Jerry reported to the off-road body and update about the promotion of the National H&H series.
i.   We will be going forward with the purchase of the National H&H series and paying AMA $10,000 a year fee to become promoters of the series under the condition that sponsors will be reimbursing us for the fees.
ii.   The actual cost of acquiring and paying for the series is still in negotiations with Chuck Weir from the AMA.
iii.   The contract must first be approved by the BOD (Board of Directors).
iv.   Part of the negotiations is to possibly charge slightly more, $50-60, for entry fees to help pay for scoring and managing the series.
v.   An organization will be formed comprised of all the current hosting clubs and with the possibility of an addition of a fifth club.
vi.   The main premise of the series is to possibly be modeled it after the organization of the ?Big 6? series.
D.   Land Trust/Grants Committee
a.   See DLO report.

VI   New Business
A.   Vikings Race Request
a.   Jim Geddes made a motion seconded by Bill Howell that read as follows. ?Vikings request that Morgan Crawford be allowed to race our National H&H for national points only.?
i.   Vote taken and passes unanimously.
B.   RHR Poker Run
a.   A request was made by the RHR committee to have more clubs volunteer for the RHR poker run checkpoints. As of right now, only two clubs have agreed to run checkpoints.
i.   Announced that they have a dedicated website just to people interested in the plans. (Web address to follow later)
b.   It was also announced that there are holes that are still available to be sponsored for the RHR golf tournament.
C.   Lobby Days
a.   Jerry made the announcement and request for club members to attend Lobby Days in Sacramento on April 27-28th.
i.   Rooms are available at the Holiday Inn in downtown Sacramento.
ii.   D37 will pay $200 per club rep. to attend.
iii.   If you are attending, you must set-up appointments prior to coming and a list from your club on who?s attending.
VII   Reports
A.   Congress: Jim Geddes, Dave Oakleaf, & Bill Howell
a.   No report but it was requested that you submit all proposed AMA rule changes to them by August 1st.
B.   VP: Skip Earwood
a.   Skip announced that he still has race packages available.
C.   DLO: Karl Smith
a.   Karl announced that there was an additional requirement that was added on the grant process and all the grants were rejected but they are still working on resubmitting them for the next round of grant submissions.
D.   Referee:  Richie Wohlers
a.   Richie made the following announcements the following from the February Competition Committee Meeting:
i.   Due to cutting some of their point paying races so short, Dirt Diggers was fined $113.
ii.   It was requested that clubs follow through with number compliance or face future fines by the off-road committee.
b.   United MC and Prairie Dogs are requested to attend the Competition Committee Meeting next Thursday due to a protest.
c.   It was announced that 2009 rule books are available.
d.   Richie brought-up for discussion was a possibility to allow non-club members to get work points for working an event.
i.   The rule would change to allow non-club members to get work points at the referee?s discretion.
ii.   A straw vote was taken, 34 ?yes? votes and 8 ?no? votes.

E.   BOD: Jim Geddes
a.   Jim announced that the BOD elections were held and Skip Earwood was elected as treasurer for the BOD.
b.   Jim also discussed the board has requested that all budgets for the entire district be in by April.
F.   BLM: Al Guzman
a.   All announced that the Desert Daisies have requested to move their event to Johnson Valley off of Anderson Dry Lake and that the Hilltoppers have their event off of Boone Road the following weekend.
G.   Eco Logic: Jerry Grabow
a.   Previously discussed.
H.   Rider Reps: Ryan Sanders, Tim Wilson, John Gil, Mark Drake
a.    Ryan Saunders
i.   No report
b.   Janine Khols
i.   No report
c.   Greg Seda
i.   No report
d.   Mark Drake:
i.   Mark announced that he has seen a marked improvement in the sound test data.
I.   Web Master: Jeff Owens
a.   No report.
J.   Newsletter: Julie Angell
a.   No report.
K.   Treasurer Report: Sandy Howell
a.   Total liabilities and equity: $198,771.66
b.   A motion was made by Sandy Howell, seconded by Greg Seda that read as follows, ?Motion that Sandy Howell investigate into moving a portion of the General Fund to an investment CD.?
i.   A vote was taken and the motion passed unanimously.
L.   Big 6: Dave Oakleaf
a.   No report.

VII   Race Reviews
A.   None given
VIII   Announcements
A.   HBMC Dual Euro Scrambles ? 03/07-08/09
B.   Prospectors Enduro ? 03/15/09
C.   Dirt Digger Desert Scrambles?  03/22/09
D.   Racers Desert Scrambles ? 03/29/09

VIIII   50/50 Raffle
A.   Dave Oakleaf won at the 50/50 raffle.

Meeting adjourned 9:30 pm by Jerry Grabow

Kandy Thornton
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