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June 18, 2024, 04:34:40 am

--VCMC Presents ISDE Qualifier Championship Jan 28-29 Gorman--Club play day, fun for all at Jenkins land February 18 & 19th--   Adventure Riders Anza Borrego Desert Dash February 25-26 Julian, CA -- Time to ride!!!

Lets Ride!!!!
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: March, 2001 OLD RACE REPORTS  ( 1646 )

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« : January 13, 2009, 09:24:02 am »

Found a couple more old reports.  Still need to get on the old comp we have stored in the laundry room and see what's on there:

Sent:  3/14/01 9:34:35 PM
Subject:  HBMC Action

Hey Viewies ? another wild weekend out at the races.  We had wind, snow flurries, more wind and sun!  We went out early Friday for some playriding and so I could test out the Honda 400EX quad?.not bad?. I need to ride a Banshee one more time for the final decision though? whoever thought of the thumb throttle should have his thumb cut off!  Damn? my hand is still sore after riding 30+ miles.  First mod on any new quad is a twist throttle.  Bart, Keith, Norm and Paul all came out late Friday night and enjoyed the late night showers!  Keith ? thanks again for rescuing Johann?s boots and things out of the wet stuff.  I am totally blanking on this weekend ? so if I forget to mention anyone ? I guess I get a spanking later!  Saturday was cold, windy and overcast?. The perfect setting for a Euro Scramble!

The ?A? loop had Keith, Don Brand and Mike Moore attacking it in the Sr. class.  Mike Moore went down pretty good on the bomb run and wound up with some cool contusions!  He sucked it up and made it back out on Sunday for pit duty.  The Vet class had Ron Shuler, Lon Brand, John Gable and the Bartster.  The ?A? loop had some pretty good spectating points and the Bart~Man did not disappoint.  Right after the finish line area, Bart decided to go wide and give us a lil thrill ? the thrill was all his when his back tire caught a nice bump and sent the Great Bartowsky into a perfect Flying~W!  We all gave him a perfect ?10? for that one.  In this same race, we had Bart and John Gable come through the first turn bar-to-bar.  Good Stuff!  Todd, Terry and Sean G. rode the last race of the day ? Good to see Terry Iles back in action and Sean too.  This course let us know we were definitely at the ?Rock-Pile? ? lots of tight rock action.  Course ?B? was described as go straight, turn, haul azz on the straight, turn, haul azz on the straight, etc.  Another yawner? Norm, John and Paul snoozed their way through this one.  Scott and Van made it out for this one ? their day was short lived as the Kawi seized on Scott during his race.  Tough Luck Guys ? but it was good to see you out there!

The Hare (excuse me ?Dez?) Scramble Course on Sunday was hungry!  I?ve never seen a course eat its way through so many tires!  Our club alone had 4 flats come through!  Mike Garvin was out of this one with a flat too.  John didn?t race this one ? so I don?t have a course description, but we did cross some of it on Friday?s ride.  Here?s how they came through the pits:

Ron Shuler ? 4th or 5th overall and first in class.  I don?t know if anyone else has noticed, but Ron is tearing it up out there this year!  He was incredibly fast in the Saturday race too.
Charlie Barney ? 12th overall ? 2nd in class.  Good to see you back out there Sir Charles!
Lon Brand ? can?t remember ? 3rd in class I believe
Don Brand ? Great to se you, Brenda and Robbie out both days!  Tell Brenda thanks for the cookies.  Yummy!
Keith Jones ? came cruising through the pits and gave us his best Rose Queen wave on his way out.
Travis Livingston ? Once again leading the Ammie pack ? came into the pits with a rear flat ? decided he needed to finish and went limping back out.
Bart Blankenship ? Came roaring into the pits with an awesome in class race going!  Bart is looking better and better as the year goes on!
Rich Jansen ? The Birthday Boy!  Now what better way to spend your Birthday than racing?!
Jeremy Henderson ? Came into the pits with a front flat ? decided to give the upper body a work out and went for the finish on that limp tube.
Norm Takaki ? The Flyin Hawaiian took the little sip of gas he had left for the weekend and headed out to get that finisher pin!
Albert Jones ? Came through with 2 flats ? he had to pack it in ? not enough tubes on hand to fix this!  Good to see you out there AJ!
Matt Henderson ? looks like a 2nd place in class finish for this 125 rider!

The Best past of the weekend was hooking up with Rich Jansen?s parents in the pits.  They are original Charter Members of the Viewfinders and had the best stories!  I hope they come back out some time ? it would be great to have them around the campfire one night. Thanks to the weekend?s pit crew ? Mike Moore, John Thornton and Darren Livingston.  Brenda Brand was ready for back up as always!  We had some back to back pits and it all went smooth.  Thanks to Don, Lon, Mike M. and John T. for going out on the course to pick up a prospective member who was pitting with us.  This is a Sr. rider who is giving up on the Vipers and looking for a new club.  NOTE:  How cool was it to get Mike Newman?s e-mail on the race action up in the Northwest!  *HIGH-FIVES* to Mr. Newman for still racing!

Just a couple of reminders and I?m outta here!  There is an In-Town Meeting tomorrow (3/15/01) at 7:00 p.m. at Michaelangelo?s Pizza in San Dimas.  The Dirt Diggers H&H (3/25/01) is NOT at Red Mtn like the schedule says.  It is in Lucerne, off Camp Rock Road.  Keep it rubber side down if you?re riding the Enduro this weekend.  Mark your calendar for the RHR Poker Run on 4/21/01 ? more deets to follow!

P.S.  Before I get a ton of e-mail responses? I was just kiddin about the spankin? : )~

Kandy Thornton

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« #1 : January 13, 2009, 09:24:47 am »

One More:

Sent:  3/29/01 7:55:20 PM
Subject:  Dirt Diggin in the Rock Garden!

Hey Everyone!  Had great weather for the Dirt Digger?s H&H last weekend.  The sun was finally shining, had a sweet dust blowing breeze and it wasn?t too hot.  Keith, Mike Dion and the Shulers were the only ones out for Saturday night?s campfire ? everyone else pulled in Sunday morning.  Unfortunately, John and I both thought it was a 9:00 a.m. start ? we could have snoozed awhile longer before heading out on Sunday.  I guess we really should check the flyers out ? Dohh!  As we drove in on Camp Rock Road, we all kind of thought about George Parma about the same time. Everyone in the Club I spoke to that day shared a memory about George, Rose and the Cadillac.  I have a feeling George and his son were watching the action together this weekend.  Julian brought the entire family out for some play-riding. His kiddos were too cute on their new bikes/quads and all decked out in riding gear!  It was good to see you all out there Julian!

The course was described as:  ?The First Loop was FUN!  Went into some good single track right off the bomb.  It was pretty much 40 miles of single track with a few miles of 5th gear stuff.  Perfect First Loop!  The Second Loop started with lots of whoops, then some big whoops and ended with about 10 miles of Monkey~Butt whoops.  There was one interesting uphill/downhill volcano over by Soggy ? stay off the front brake ? which the guy ahead of John didn?t do? And they all go tumbling down?. Both loops pretty much hit every rock garden in the Johnson Valley area ? another record for flat tires!?

The Amt line went off 45 mins after the Exp due to a broken leg/collarbone out on the bomb run.  Some of the Exp had already pitted by the time Jenn and I made it into the pits.  And what a pleasure the pits were ? Mike Dion is my new best pit bud.  He had music, food, cold drinks and everything organized just so!

Pit Board
Ron Shuler ? 3rd Overall, 1st in class.  Borrowing a quote from Team Green Mag ? ?Shuler is dominating the Vet class this year?
Lon Brand ? 9th overall (?), looked like Lon came in with a pretty good finish!
Todd Iles ? Mike Garvin (who gave us a nice leg wave) was smoking Todd into the pits, but I do believe Todd got him back before the finish!  Smooth riding Todd!
Keith Jones ? The Gas~Man looked like he had a good in class race going into the pits!
Sarah Schilke ? Good to see you back in the dirt!  Sarah gave the heavy-azz WR a good work-out!
Travis Livingston ? 2nd Overall Amt into the pits with another flat tire.  The Viewfinder Pit Crew did a wheel swap, gas and go in just around 3 mins I believe!  Awesome work by Darrin, Cousin Bill, Eric and Lee Henderson!  Travis pulled a 2nd in class finish in what was going to be a trail ride.  *High-Fives* all around for this one!
John Gable ? John has bumped to the Sr. Open class and it looked like he should have a good in class finish as well!
Matt Henderson ? sporting his pretty new green sticker and doing his first 2 loop race.  He survived the ugly downhill and he may have a first place finish!  We know this race worked ya ?Crash?, but it?ll get easier!
Clark Gable ? Back out for some action!  This 80 rider collected his 2nd finisher pin!

Huge thanks to this weekend?s pit crew:  Mikey D, Eric Liberda, Cousin Bill, Darrin Livingston and Lee Henderson.  Everyone who got gassed in the crotch sends their THANKS too ? Sheesh!  This was some kind of record for gas spillage!  This race was kind of fuzzy ? thanks to the wicked Almond head-ache I had going Sunday Morn. (Don?t ask).  I hope everyone who went to the 6 hours race at GH had a good one!  Good luck to everyone riding the GP this coming weekend in 29 Palms!

P.S.  Deets on the RHR Poker Run (4/20/01) to follow in the Newsletter in a couple of days.  Get ready to saddle up ? we?re going back to the Wild~Wild West this year!  Yee-Haw!

Kandy Thornton
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