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June 30, 2022, 12:13:59 pm

--VCMC Presents ISDE Qualifier Championship Jan 28-29 Gorman--Club play day, fun for all at Jenkins land February 18 & 19th--   Adventure Riders Anza Borrego Desert Dash February 25-26 Julian, CA -- Time to ride!!!

Lets Ride!!!!
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« : January 16, 2008, 12:48:11 pm »

Off Road:

District 37 Off-Road Committee
Meeting for January 3, 2008

I   Meeting called to order by Jim Geddes, President

II   Attendance and minutes taken by Jannean Sapp, District 37 Secretary
III   Opening Comments
A.   None noted

IV   New Business
A.   Atom Class; A new Big 6 Youth quad class addition, class 12, ?Atom Class? was approved by the competition committee to be an addition to the ?Youth Class? for the Big 6. A brief history of the new ?Youth Class? for at the Grand Prix Series was briefly reviewed and discussed prior to the discussion about the new class 12, ?Atom Class?.
a.   Class 12, ?Atom? class was created as an addition to the series to fill-in an age gap for quad riders? ages 13-15 years old.
b.   Approved by the Competition Committee because of a recommendation by the Big 6 but  a conflict arose due to both insurance reasons and age discrepancies. AMA has stated that due to the age discrepancies, the insurance will not cover it.
c.   Due to this discrepancy, Bill Richardson requested that the ?Atom Class? be put on hold for 2008 due to the liability issues. There was a brief discussion about how long to place it on ?hold?. At the end of the discussion, Dave Oakleaf motioned to place class 12, ?Atom? class on hold until the August 2008 Off-Road meeting. Class 12 will be reviewed by Big 6 in the intern and discussed at that meeting in regards to adding the class in 2009.
d.   Motion seconded by Don Huddleston. Motion passed unanimously.
B.   Ecologic; Rodger Van Meter discussed the discrepancy and dispute with the attorney, Scotty Hubbard and Ecologic.
a.   Rodger explained that since no one was willing match his $2,000 donation to the Legal Defense Fund, so he destroyed the check that was issued by the district.
b.   Due to some internal issues between Ecologic and the attorney, Scotty Hubbard, he has sent a notice of resignation on 12/13/07 as our attorney and as of 01/14/08; our contract will end with him. He is willing to stay on as our attorney but he?s only willing to work per hour at $200 per hour and it will be a client/attorney relationship. He will no longer be running the meetings for Ecologic. He can still attend the meetings but Ecologic must pay the hourly rate from the time he leaves his office until he returns.
c.   Rodger further discussed with the group that he feels that we could better re-direct our funds towards working with the BLM and land acquisitions.
d.   In conjunction to Rodger?s comments, Ed Waldheim discussed COVRA & D37 possibly working together to get their own attorney and break away from Ecologic.
e.   Due to conference call that is to be held 01/08/07 with Eco logic, the discussion was decided to be continued until the next Off-road meeting.

C.  Sportsman/Sportswoman of the Year; Richie passed-out ballots for the 2007 Sportsman/Sportswoman of the year.
D.  Old Trophies; Devon discussed the option of all the clubs either bringing out their old trophies to the awards banquet for people to pick-up or give the trophies to the respectful clubs to be distributed to the riders.
E.   Lobbyist Issues for 2008; Ed Waldheim spoke about the lobbyist Pete Conaty and issues for 2008.
a.   An inquiry and correction is being requested about the $6 discrepancy per green sticker that the CHP is receiving
b.   The possibility of purchasing OHV plates that would go towards land acquisition not repair of existing properties.
c.   Ed requested the removal of Pete Conaty as our lobbyist because he feels that he isn?t doing anything for us. However both Jerry Grabow and Dave Oakleaf feel that we should keep him because he?s done a lot for our community so the discussion on this topic was agreed upon to be tabled.
C.  Proper Jurisdiction on Forming New Divisions; Dave Oakleaf discussed the recent decision that the Competition Committee made in regards the class12, ?Atom? class. Dave Oakleaf made a motion to make it a standing rule that the final vote for a division is made at the Off-road meeting and then the rules and structure for the division(s) be developed by the Competition Committee. Seconded by Mark Drake, motioned passed unanimously. This was the first reading

V   Old Business

A.  No old business.

VI   Reports
A.   Treasurer:  Balance is $215,019.94 total liabilities and equity. 
B.   Congress: Bill Richardson not present to give report.
C.   VP:  Raffle tickets are completely sold-out for the LDF bike. Jerry briefly discussed the current project that is proposing to go to level 2 of approvals at BLM for the installation of windmills in Johnson Valley OHV area. He is meeting with the BLM managers on 01/07/08 and he will have an update at the next meeting.
D.   BLM:
E.   Referee:  Richie announced the following topics:
1.   Risk Management Meeting on 01/10/08
2.   He has extra large D37 decals for $5.00 ea.
3.   There are no throw-outs this year in the GP series
4.   The Desert point rule for Enduro?s has been amended to where you?ll get 70% of your points equivalent to your Enduro finish.
5.   The new 2008 rulebooks are completed and printed
6.   Just as a note, you cannot pie plate in another skill and class (Ex.: Expert 250 in the Int. Vet class)
7.   If any bad checks are outstanding from a rider, they will not be issued a license in 2008.
F.   BOD: none
G.   DLO: Dave Oakleaf gave his thanks and closing remarks for his last meeting as DLO. A very nice standing ovation was given to him for all his years of service.  Dick Christensen then stood-up and discussed the following topics:
1.   There is discussion about eliminating the ?Red Sticker? program and making everything ?Green Sticker? except for the Chinese imitations. They would be deemed completely illegal to ride in California
2.   Windmills are being installed in the Johnson Valley OHV area that would eliminate the riding areas between Cougar Buttes and Anderson Dry Lake.
3.   Fines are increasing for off-road riding offences.
4.   29 Palms Marine base is looking to expand outwards and take out more of our riding areas.
H.   Eco Logic:  Previously and already discussed.
I.   Rider Reps: Ryan Saunders made the announcement that as the new rider representative he will be available to assist at all the races.
J.   Rule Book: Printed and ready for 2008
K.   Web Master:  No report
L.   Newsletter: The newsletter is being handed by Julie Angell. Please send all correspondence to PO Box 2122, Monrovia, CA 91017 or
VII   Race Reviews
A.   Vikings GP ? mud bog
VIII   Announcements
A.   Jackrabbits H&H January 13th
B.   UMC Enduro January 20th
C.   DMC National January 27th
D.   Taft GP February 2nd ? 3rd
VIIII   Minutes from previous month approved.
Adjourned 10:15pm with a passing of the gavel to Jerry Grabow and Jim Geddes receiving a standing ovation for his many years of service.

Kandy Thornton

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« #1 : January 16, 2008, 12:50:46 pm »

Comp Committee

District 37 Competition Committee
Meeting for January 10, 2008

I.   Meeting called to order by Richie Wohlers, District Referee

II.   Attendance taken by Jannean Sapp. Stewards present are Greg McGrath, Devon Rich, Ryan Wilson, Keith DeJongh, Doug Phelan, Kelly Phelan, and Dan Barnett.
III.   Discussions:
1.   Fliers to be reviewed:
a.   Dirt Diggers: Change fee from $27 + 5 to $30 + 5 for LDF and add ?Pays Desert Points? to the flyer
b.   Vikings: Add ?AMA available at sign-ups?
c.   Hilltoppers GP: Add ?Pays Grand Prix, Best of the West, and Desert Points?
d.   Badgers: Add when the bomb runs are closing, ?Pays Desert Points?, parenthesis around notary, and information about parent guardian.
e.   Rovers: Approved as is.
2.   Overall Numbers
a.   There was brief discussion with Greg McGrath about what numbers to assign to the overall and heavyweight classes in the BOTW series.
b.   It was agreed that the overall will be just the number and the heavyweight will be just like the GP numbers with a ?N? in front of the number
3.   90cc Youth Class at the Big 6
a.   A request was made to include 110cc bikes in the 90cc class
b.   The request was discussed but without prior recommendations from the Off-road body, they will not make any changes.
c.   Doug Phelan suggested that perhaps they run an ?unclassified? youth class race.
4.   Steward Protest
a.   Greg McGrath asked about what ability a steward has to protest a rider using incorrect numbers.
b.   Richie explained that as an officer of D37 you can request that a rider be DQ?d by the refree.
IV   Meeting adjourned 10:10pm

Kandy Thornton
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