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--VCMC Presents ISDE Qualifier Championship Jan 28-29 Gorman--Club play day, fun for all at Jenkins land February 18 & 19th--   Adventure Riders Anza Borrego Desert Dash February 25-26 Julian, CA -- Time to ride!!!

Lets Ride!!!!
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District 37 Competition Committee
Meeting for March12, 2009

I.   Meeting called to order by Richie Wohlers, District Referee

II.   Attendance taken by Jannean Sapp. Stewards present are: Ryan Wilson, Heather Gongora Keith DeJongh, Chris Asquith, Dan Barnett, Kelly Phelan, and Doug Phelan
Special Guests: Bill and Lori Bateman, Joe Bianchi, Joel Legunia, Patty Blais, Todd Johnson, Pete Garcia, Julie Angel, Roy Roselle, and Craig Hunter.
III.   Discussions:
1.   Fliers to be reviewed:
a.   RUTS:
i.   Add location of event.
ii.   For sound testing requirements, remove year of bike.
b.   Shamrocks GP
i.   Approved as is
c.   Vikings H&H
i.   Add in actual mileage of courses.

2.   Prairie Dogs GP Race Protest
a.   Pete Garcia was disqualified from both the quad night event and his point paying quad race due to misconduct and failure to pass his tech inspection conducted during the quad night event.
i.   Pete presented his case:
1.   Due to a short is in his dead man switch, he was told that he could not race the night race.
2.   Shortly after tech inspected his quad, even though he initially agreed to pull off the course, Pete was able to get the switch to work and due to a miscommunication he thought he was given the okay to go ahead and race.
3.   He felt that it was okay to DQ him for the night event but not his point paying event because it had no relation to the night race and it would affect his sponsorships.
ii.   Craig Hunter the Referee of the race presented his case on behalf of Prairie Dogs:
1.   Due to problems in the past with switches not operating properly and for safety reasons, it?s a club requirement that the switches be operable in order to ride the event.
2.   He started the race even though he agreed he wouldn?t.
3.   He didn?t notify tech that he was able to get his quad working properly.
4.   When confronted by Craig and Bill Bateman, he walked-away from them.
5.   He was DQ?d due to his misconduct at the night event.
b.   A vote was taken by the committee and the committee voted in favor of reinstated the rider.

3.   United MC Race Protest
a.   Roy Roselle presented a protest to the committee protesting the mileage at the end of the first loop on behalf of his son.
i.   Roy Presented his case:
1.   According to his odometer and several others, the finish of loop one was off by more than a tenth of a mile which causes his son and a few others to burn that check.
2.   In addition to the mileages being off, there was no 30 mile marker that would have assisted in preventing the check being burned.
3.   Immediately following the end of their race they brought it to the referee?s, Joel?s attention and requested to file a formal protest but Joel told them that they didn?t have to because the check would be converted to an ?Observation? check and thrown out.
4.   When results were released, the check was not thrown out causing a discrepancy in class placement for his son.
ii.   Joel Legunia presented his case on behalf of United MC:
1.   Joe agreed with everything that Roy presented to the committee except that he did not say the check was going to be thrown-out and converted to an ?Observation? check.
2.   Due to the fact that less than 6% burned the check and not having any formal protest filed, the check was kept in.
3.   The loop captain was informed of the mileage discrepancy and did rerun the course and double check that the mileage was correct.
b.   A vote was taken by the committee and they voted unanimously in favor of the rider.
4.   Work Points
a.   It was discussed and agreed upon by the committee unanimously to just eliminate the sentence in the rulebook regarding work points on page 22, Section 27

5.   A discussion about the European Scrambles schedule was had and the following schedule changes were agreed upon starting with the RUTS European Scrambles:

Course No.   9:00   10:30   12:00   1:30
A   Mag Expert (All)
Sr. Expert (All)   Vets (All)   250 Experts
200 Exp./Int.
Hwt. Int.
250 Int.   Quads
B   Women (All)
Mini?s (All)
Masters   Mag Novices
Mag. Int.
Senior Beginners   Senior Int.
Senior Novices   250 Novice/Beg.
200 Novice/Beg.
Hwt. Nov./Beg.

6.   Meeting adjourned 10:05 pm

Kandy Thornton
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